Cosmetic Argan Oil

Argan Oil: An allround product for the hair

Have a look in your bathroom cabinet. How many of your care products are its products? This could just be half. Shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, hair sprays, serums, mousses and so on. Is this known to you? You are certainly not the only one, but the surprising thing is that you don’t need so many products at all. Most hair care products are replaced by Argan oil. This makes your hair care ritual a lot simpler.

One product, but of top quality

When using Argan oil for the hair, it is important to use 100 pure Argan oil. Pure argan Oil of Premium Argan Oil comes from the first pressing and is full of vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These components provide and protect the hair. Just as important as these special features, is the fact that no ingredients have been added to the argan oil, so also no preservatives as parabens. One product of top quality, no more needs your hair for optimal care.

All-round hair care

Argan oil loves and makes your hair healthy. There are therefore many ways to use argan oil for the hair. Argan oil is suitable for daily hair care, hair styling and hair restoration.

Daily Hair Care

Argan Oil is ideal for daily care of the hair. The caring components of argan oil keep your hair healthy. Since pure Argan oil is so concentrated, you only have to use very few argan oil to notice the effect. With medium length hair one to two drops is already enough for shiny, fuller and softer hair. Also when sunbathing it is advisable to take care of your hair with argan oil. Divide the argan oil over your palms, ‘ knead ‘ the argan oil as it were through the hair and your hair is cared for.

After washing

If you do not like to argan oil by dry hair, you can also divide a few drops of argan oil through the hair after you have washed your hair. Do you quickly suffer from oily hair? Do not divide the oil near the scalp, but more towards your hair points. Also make use of the ‘ kneading technique ‘. This is better for your hair than when you rub it in your hair.

Styling the Hair

Argan Oil is also a popular product for her styling. Pure Argan Oil protects the hair from the heat of styling devices and is a pure natural styling tool. In the style of hair, ladies often encounter the hair being unhandled. The hair does not fall smoothly and it does not stay pretty. That is really logical, because the hair gets a lot of endurance when it is styled with a straightener or hair dryer. By dividing a few drops of argan oil through the hair before styling it, your hair is well protected from the heat and it remains nicely in the model after styling. So you can continue to enjoy beautiful steep tresses or a beautiful forest of shiny curls. Do you have curls, use except argan oil a hairdryer with diffuser for extra lint free Kullen.

Restoring the Hair

Has your hair had a lot to endure and is your hair not as healthy as you would like? Then pure Argan Oil is your savior in distress. Argan oil makes the hair healthy again, whether dry, lifeless, wispy, fluffy or fragile. Besides the daily care of the hair, Argan oil can also provide intensive recovery. Is this for you as called? Then use argan oil as her mask. You do not need a jar in which 30 ingredients have been processed. The only day you need is pure argan oil.

Argan Oil as Hair mask

Wash your hair and scalp thoroughly and pat the hair towel dry. Divide and massage The Argan oil directly into the hair: from the scalp to the dots. Now that the hair is still damp, the argan oil can retract well. Give the argan oil ample time to withdraw, preferably all night. Wash the hair the next morning with lukewarm water and you will notice that the hair will feel smoother and firmer. Repeat this ritual weekly, until the hair feels healthy again. Then you can switch to the daily care of the hair with argan oil.

Tip of Premium Argan Oil

Want to give your hair a fresh start? Then let your hair be pointed by a hairdresser (or a girlfriend;-)). Now that the dots are beautiful, you can use Argan oil as her serum. Divide a drop of pure argan oil on the dots of the hair every day. This way you prevent your hair points from quickly becoming split and thinning. This way you need to visit the hairdresser much less often.

In short: Argan oil makes your hair care ritual a lot easier. Is Argan Oil already part of your hair care ritual?

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