Argan oil for the hair

Argan oil is not only suitable for the skin, but also extremely suitable for the hair. This is partly because argan oil is a pure and natural product. Argan oil has no added substances that can be harmful to the hair. Because the oil is full of vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, argan oil works wonders for all hair types. Argan oil is therefore a welcome addition to daily hair care.

Care for hair problems

Almost everyone has regularly suffered from her problems. External influences such as sunlight, cold, dirty air and exhaust fumes are often the culprits. Even when you load the hair a lot, for example when you style or blow dry the hair, you get her hard to endure. From thin, unruly, fragile and lifeless hair to dry, stiff, fluffy and unmanageable hair – Argan Oil is the perfect solution. The results are noticeable for people with style hair, wavy hair and curly hair.

Rich composition

Thanks to the rich composition of vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, argan oil is able to penetrate deep into the hair roots. This has several positive results. Because the unsaturated linoleic acid makes a protective layer, your hair is better able to hold moisture. This makes your hair supple and shines. Also your hair becomes stronger and it will break less quickly.

Protection from the outside

The antioxidants that are argan oil rich have another advantage. These ensure good external protection. Your hair is therefore better protected against free radicals. By using Argan oil in the hair, your hair will feel supple, strong and silky.

Various applications

Argan oil is used in different ways for the hair. This way you can use it as a daily care and recovery, as a serum or as a protection when styling and blow drying the hair.

Care and recovery

Argan oil is very suitable for daily use. You only have to divide a few drops of argan oil on the hair daily. Thanks to the essential unsaturated fatty acids, the hair becomes stronger with the day and keep the hair healthy. The hair is provided with essential nutrients from the scalp and hair roots to the hair points. This will give the hair a lot of volume and shine, without feeling her fat. Daily use of Argan oil is also very suitable for lint sensitive hair.


Argan oil can also be used as serum. A serum is suitable if you want to take care of the hair intensively. Was preferably first your hair with a mild shampoo. Then make your hair towel dry and divide some drops of argan oil into your hair. Work from the scalp to the dots and knead the oil as it were in the hair (do not rub!). Let the oil work for a few hours or a whole night and then it was out with lukewarm water. The hair will feel fuller and healthier and have a beautiful sheen.


Argan oil also offers good heat protection. For example, the oil is ideal when using a hair straightener or a blow dryer. The Argan oil will protect your hair from the heat. The hair will also feel soft and shiny after the styles. Before you go hair styles or blow-dry, apply some drops of argan oil evenly to the hair. Preferably do not apply the argan oil to the hair roots so that you do not lose any volume.