Argan oil for the skin

Argan oil is very suitable to apply to the skin. The argan oil is absorbed quickly and that is nice. Due to the presence of essential unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil has a beneficial effect on the skin. Thanks to the high concentration of vitamin E, the skin remains flexible and flexible. Argan oil is also rich in antioxidants, which prevent skin aging. Antioxidants stimulate cell renewal, keeping your skin young and tight when you use argan oil. Argan oil is also very suitable for dry skin, since the oil has a moisturizing effect. The result: radiant and healthy skin! You can use argan oil over the face and all over your body.

Face and Lips

Every day we get to deal with harmful substances. These substances often come from outside and are also called free radicals. Some examples of free radicals are sunlight, exhaust fumes and pesticides. Free radicals are a major cause of skin aging. When skin aging occurs, this results in a slacker skin and wrinkles. Especially in your face you want to avoid this of course.


Fortunately, there are antioxidants. Antioxidants counteract skin aging and keep the skin tight. Naturally antioxidants occur in the skin, but as we age, the amount of antioxidants decreases.

Pure Argan Oil contains a large amount of antioxidants, including vitamin E, which support the healing ability of the skin. By using Argan oil on your face, your skin stays young and radiant. Argan Oil is therefore also called a natural anti-aging for your face.

The solution for dry skin

Even if you are suffering from a dry skin on your face, argan oil is a good solution. Especially when it gets cold or when the air is dry, your skin can feel very dry. By a few days in succession a few drops of argan oil on your face and your lips to lubricate, you give the skin the ultimate care and hydration.

How do you use argan oil on the skin of your face?

For optimal results, we recommend that you clean the skin of your face with a mild cleaning product first. After washing your face, pat your skin dry. The clean skin is better able to absorb the argan oil well. Then preferably apply the argan oil directly to the skin. You can do this by rubbing a few drops of oil between the palms of your hands. Then divide the oil with gentle movements over your face. The oil draws well in the skin in this way. Within 10 minutes The argan oil is completely retracted and your skin will feel very cared for and hydrated.

TIP: Do not forget to massage the eye and Lipcontouren carefully with argan oil. After all, this skin is prone to wrinkle formation. By doing this daily, you achieve an optimal result and prevent dark circles and wrinkles.


Argan oil is not only suitable for the face. The skin of the whole body also benefits from the special characteristics of our pure argan oil. We sometimes forget that the skin is our biggest organ. Healthy skin works like a shield: it protects our body from external influences. So it is very important to take care of our skin.

Intensive Skin Care

The skin has a natural strength of itself, but by free radicals such as sunlight and exhaust fumes, the skin can use some help in the care. Cold and low humidity also ensure that the skin can keep the moisture balance difficult on the arrow. The cold can feel dry by these influences. In All these cases, argan oil is a good option to take care of our body.

Thanks to the special composition of pure argan oil, including vitamin E, essential unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, you care with argan oil for proper hydration and care of the body.

How do you use argan oil on the body?

The best time to lubricate your body with argan oil is immediately after showering. Pat your skin slightly and make sure your skin is still slightly moist. Now apply Argan oil to the skin. You will find that you can easily distribute the oil over the skin, that you need little argan oil and that the oil retracts well into the skin. It is also possible to add a few drops of argan oil to your bath. Argan Oil works excellently as a natural bath oil and does wonders for dry skin.

Deep Care

Do certain parts of the body need deeper care, like for example your heels, elbows or knees? Then divide a few extra drops of oil daily over these areas and you will quickly notice a difference.

Firming effect

Besides a moisturizing and caring function, Argan Oil also has a firming effect on the body. This makes Argan oil also suitable for neck and cleavage. By applying a few drops to this skin every day, you will notice that the firmness is increasing within a few weeks.

TIP: Use argan oil also for a massage. By making circular movements, the argan oil even better in the skin and you get an intensely nourished skin.


Also the hands benefit from the care that Argan oil offers. Especially at cold temperatures or dry air, hands are exposed to all kinds of outside influences. This allows the hands to quickly feel dry and rough. By rubbing your hands with argan oil, you give the skin of your hands the hydration that it needs.

How do you use argan oil on the hands?

The best moment to rub hands with argan oil is just after washing your hands. Wash your hands under lukewarm water and then pat them dry. By lubricating the hands directly with argan oil, the skin can absorb the oil well and withdraw the oil completely. After this, your hands will feel silky soft


When you have the hands with argan oil rubs, you do well to take the nails directly with you. The nails can also benefit greatly from the vitamins and essential fatty acids that pure argan oil is rich in. This is necessary, because nails can be quickly brittle or dull by external influences such as cold air or hot water. As a result, the nails dry out and can break faster. By taking care of the nails with argan oil, you avoid this.

How do you use argan oil on the nails?

By regularly lubricating your fingernails and, if necessary, with a few drops of argan oil, you take care of the nails and shine beautifully. Also your nails will become evener. Massage the nails well and do not forget to rub the argan oil extra in around the cuticles. Your cuticles will then feel very smooth again.

A healing effect on cuticles

Small cuts, gaps and skins on the cuticles can cause inconvenience. Moreover, this is not looked after. Argan Oil also has a healing effect on this. The skin around your cuticles will look healthy again.

Note: Are you planning to paint your nails after you have taken care of it with argan oil? Then give the oil a little time to withdraw well and don’t immediately paint your nails.

Skin problems

Argan oil is pure, mild and natural. This makes Argan oil also excellent for use in various skin problems. As Argan oil and recovering effect, it can contribute to a healthier skin.

Restores the tissue of the skin

Do you have nasty scars, stretch marks or pregnancy stretch marks? Then Argan oil can help in restoring this skin. Argan Oil has a special composition, including vitamin E and antioxidants. This composition contributes to restoring the tissue of the skin.

Provides relief for skin problems

Argan Oil can also provide a lot of relief in skin problems like eczema, psoriasis and acne. By lubricating this skin daily with argan oil, you contribute in a natural way to skin repair.

Suitable as Aftersun

Is your skin affected by the sun? Then Argan oil can be used as Aftersun. With Argan oil, your burnt skin will recover faster. Thanks to the antioxidants that argan oil is rich, the damage from the sun to your skin will be limited.

Anti-inflammatory operation

Argan Oil also has a anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Thus, inflammation in the muscles will decrease after a massage with argan oil.