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    You hear it more and more often “argan oil”. You might see it on your shampoo bottle or in the store. But what exactly is argan oil? And what is good argan oil? We are happy to explain it to you.

    What is Argan Oil?

    Argan oil is a special vegetable oil that is used for both cosmetic and culinary purposes. The oil is extracted from the fruits of a tree in Morocco. The tree is called Argania Spinosa, also known as “the tree of beauty”. It got this name because of its beautiful green leaves, but even more because of its special properties.

    Where can you find this argan tree?

    The Argania Spinosa can be found in Morocco. Due to the dry, inhospitable semi-desert area of Morocco, the argan tree can grow well here. The tree adheres well to drought, but also to heat. In this area the temperatures rise above 45 degrees. The argan tree needs little watering and nutrition and grows best when left completely alone. The result: organic, natural and pure argan fruits.

    Patience is a virtue

    Fruits grow on the argan tree. These fruits come only once every two years. Patience is therefore a virtue. The rarity of the trees and the long growth and production process ensure that argan oil is rare, exclusive and therefore costly.

    The fruits are “worth gold”

    The fruits that grow on the argan tree are worth a lot, because they contain the Moroccan gold. The fruit contains a hard argan nut. Each nut contains two to three almond-shaped seeds. The argan oil is extracted from these kernels in a traditional way. This is very labor intensive. The argan oil has a golden yellow color.

    Good argan oil is therefore pure, organic oil, which is extracted from the fruits of the Argania Spinosa tree from the semi-desert region of Morocco. Our pure argan oil is organic and has been certified by the strict EcoCert quality mark. This means that the argan oil is manufactured by an ECO-certified manufacturer.

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