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What's in Argan oil?

The argan Oil of Premium Argan is 100 natural and pure. There is nothing added or removed from the oil. The main constituents of argan oil are antioxidants such as vitamin E and unsaturated essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and alpha linolenic acid. These ingredients have the powerful properties to protect, nourish, repair and care for the skin and hair. Want to know more about Argan oil? Check out our page ‘ What is argan oil ‘?

For which skin types is cosmetic argan oil suitable?

Cosmetic Argan Oil is a mild product, which in essence makes this oil suitable for any skin type. Argan oil is suitable for dry skin, normal skin, combined skin and oily skin. Cosmetic Argan oil is also suitable for skin problems such as eczema, welts and acne.

What are the applications of Argan oil?

Thanks to the special composition of pure Argan oil, the applications of argan oil are endless. Argan oil is used for the face, the body, the hair, the nails and the hands and feet. The oil can be used as general care and protection, but also in intensive care argan oil is very suitable. This way you can use Argan oil as her serum or skin problems. On the page ‘ use of argan oil ‘ You can read more about the applications of cosmetic argan oil.

What is Argan oil?

Argan Oil distinguishes itself from other types of oil, because it contains particularly effective properties. Antioxidants like vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids are great for grooming and protecting the skin and hair. At Premium Argan We know two types of Argan oil: Cosmetic argan oil and culinary argan oil. Argan oil is not only used for skin and hair care, but is also very suitable for the kitchen. And not unimportant: Argan oil is very tasty and healthy!

How do I order argan oil?

In the menu on our website you will find our webshop. Here you can easily buy both cosmetic argan oil and culinary argan oil

How do you store Argan oil?

The argan Oil of Premium Argan is 100% of course. No preservatives have been added to the oil. Argan Oil is very economical to use. This means that a bottle of Argan oil can last a long time. To keep our argan oil in good condition as long as possible, it can help to keep the oil carefully.

Preferably store the oil in a cool and dark place. The quality and active ingredients of argan oil will be retained in this way.