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Why Argan oil is great as massage oil

Do you enjoy a wonderful massage too? Then it is certainly worthwhile to try a massage with argan oil. It is not for nothing that professional spas and massage salons are increasingly choosing argan oil. The properties of this oil make this natural product one of the best and finest oils to use as a massage oil. Why? You read this in this blog.

Argan Oil as massage oil

Thanks to its many positive qualities, Pure Argan oil scores high in cosmetics, because Argan oil is one of the most nourishing oil types that exist. Argan oil is packed with, among others, vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These ingredients are very beneficial for the skin. Moreover, the oil is pleasantly warm when it comes into contact with the body, pure argan oil has a mild and natural scent and penetrates the oil deep into the skin.

Different applications

A massage with Argan oil does not provide pure and only for a relaxed feeling. The benefits of massaging with this oil go one step further. Thanks to the health benefits of this oil, a massage with Argan oil is also ideal for muscle and joint pain. In addition, Argan oil is very suitable for sensitive skin. More about the applications of argan oil massages.


First of all, argan oil contributes to a relaxing and soothing massage. A massage with argan oil causes your muscles to relax, with the result that your body is going to relax more and more. When your body relaxes, your mind also comes to rest. You are going to breathe calmer and you are complete in the moment. Nothing. Delicious, right?

Nourishes, cares for and protects

A massage with Argan oil brings more than just relaxation. During massaging the skin is intensively nourished, cared for and protected. The result of this is that the skin feels very soft after the massage. If you regularly massage the skin with argan oil, the skin becomes more firm and the skin’s elasticity will improve.

Muscles and joints

Perhaps Argan oil is now even more interesting for you, because a massage with this oil is ideal for aching muscles and joints. The power of Argan oil is in the essential fatty acids that this oil is rich, which have a anti-inflammatory effect. This makes this oil so suitable for massaging sore muscles and stiff joints. At the same time, the massage stimulates blood flow. A massage with Argan oil has a healing effect in muscular pain after a strenuous workout in the gym or with stiff muscles due to stress. Argan Oil can also alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. It is certainly worthwhile to discover what a massage with Argan oil can mean for your muscles and joints.

Massage for Sensitive Skin

Many argan oil massages contain artificial ingredients and are often highly scented. In sensitive skin, such oils are not pleasant. The skin can become irritated, so the massage is counterproductive. You will not relax and touch your skin upset. You can therefore better choose 100 natural argan oil. Argan oil contains no artificial ingredients. Nothing has been added to the oil at all. This makes this oil extremely suitable for sensitive skin. You can think of the dry skin, but also with skin conditions such as eczema you can use argan oil. In Morocco, Argan oil has long been used in various skin conditions.

How do you massage with Argan oil?

The skin takes argan oil best when the skin is warm. Therefore, pure Argan oil is most effective after a hot bath or a hot shower. You can also choose to visit the sauna or visit a Turkish steam bath. For an extra soft skin, you can exfoliate the skin with a exfoliating glove prior to the massage with Argan oil. Round off with a warm shower and pat the skin dry.

Now it’s time for the massage. Maybe you have a partner who wants to massage you. Otherwise you can also choose a massage parlor. Don’t forget to indicate beforehand that you want to be massaged with 100 pure argan oil. The masseur brings a number of drops of argan oil to the hands, and makes the oil warm between the palms. Then, the oil can be massaged over the skin by making circular movements. In this way the oil is well rubbed into the skin.

Thanks to the non-greasy properties of the oil, the oil after the massage pulls easily and quickly into the skin. Therefore, there is no greasy layer left on your skin. Five minutes after the massage the oil is well retracted into the skin, and you can attract clothing again.


The result of a massage with argan oil may be obvious: a relaxed mind and body! Your muscles have come to rest, just like your skin. All in one so, actually.

Another thing to conclude this blog: Please note that you are using 100 pure Argan oil. Only then will you enjoy all the advantages that Argan oil has to offer. Argan Oil of the highest quality shop on this <page>

Have you ever massaged your partner with Argan oil?


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