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    Exfoliating glove


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    Scrub your skin 1 to 2 times a week (not too often, because your skin does not like that) with our exfoliating glove. By exfoliating with this scrub glove you ensure that all dead skin cells are removed. Your skin feels smooth and silky again. Indispensable in the bathroom!

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    Exfoliating glove for effective cleaning

    This exfoliating glove is ideal for a thorough, effective cleaning of your skin. Remove dead skin cells and give your skin what it needs. Use your favorite soap and give yourself a wonderful massage.

    How do you use the exfoliating glove?

    Scrub your skin 1 to 2 times a week (not too often, because your skin does not like that) with our exfoliating glove. Use your favorite soap. Scrubbing with an exfoliating glove ensures that dead skin cells are removed. On to smooth and silky soft skin. It can be used for the whole body.

    Watch out with products with a “grain”

    Lovely such silky soft skin by exfoliating, but watch out when using a scrub in your face. The exfoliation removes the dead skin cells from the skin by using a scrub. Use a scrub all over the body, but watch out using it on your face. Even though the packaging says that it is possible, the grain is often too aggressive for this skin. This increases the risk of redness and skin irritation.

    Indispensable in the bathroom

    Do you want a more beautiful and softer skin? Then this exfoliating exfoliating glove is the ideal solution. Due to the special texture, the dead skin cells disappear very easily. Moreover, the exfoliating glove is very simple to use. Exfoliating has never been so easy and effective. An indispensable product for the bathroom!

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    Exfoliating glove
    Exfoliating glove