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    Not everyone knows that you can use argan oil for other purposes than your skin and hair. Culinary argan oil is one of the most nutritious and healthiest oils there is. The taste of argan oil is a combination of nuts and warm freshly baked bread. Delicious for in a dressing, but also especially for pasta. The benefits of culinary argan oil vary: from lowering cholesterol to stimulating blood flow. It can prevent cardiovascular disease and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Curious in which dishes you can use it? Then keep reading.

    Argan oil gives a rich flavor to salads. A good example of a Moroccan salad is the beetroot salad. Argan oil is also a welcome addition to dressings.

    The nutty flavor of argan oil also goes well with fish dishes. But beware: the taste, smell and nutritional values of argan oil are lost at a temperature higher than 60 degrees. Therefore, only add the argan oil to the pan as soon as the fish is cooked, then immediately remove the oil from the pan and enjoy.

    A typical Moroccan dish is of course the tagine. The dish is named after the cone-shaped earthenware stew. This cone-shaped lid ensures good air circulation. Put the stew on a very low heat and cook vegetables such as tomato, zucchini and eggplant, for example. Adding a few drops of argan oil already ensures a delicious taste. You can also add the argan oil to couscous.

    Argan oil also tastes good in yogurt. You can optionally add some honey to this.

    Amlou should certainly not be missing from this list. Amlou is a traditional Moroccan dish based on argan oil, honey and almonds. This dish is delicious as a dip.


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