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    Argan oil is a special oil, which was discovered by Berber women centuries ago. This pure oil can be used in various ways. Argan oil has an extraordinary composition, thanks to which it has a positive result on both hair and skin. You cannot compare it with any oil. You can read below what positive properties they are and what the oil does.

    Argan oil acts as an antioxidant

    What is an antioxidant anyway? Antioxidants protect the skin against, among other things, sunlight, exhaust fumes, dirty air and pesticides. Our skin comes into contact with this on a daily basis. Our skin comes into contact with this on a daily basis. Dus zonder antioxidanten is onze huid niet goed beschermd. Argan oil contains many antioxidants and therefore offers a natural solution to the above problem. Argan oil nourishes the skin and prevents lines and wrinkles in a natural way.

    Argan oil contains a high dose of vitamin E.

    Vitamin E stimulates and promotes cell renewal in the skin. Pure argan oil naturally has a high dose of vitamin E: up to 620 mg per liter. This makes argan oil ideally suited as an anti-aging product.

    Essentiële vetzuren in arganolie

    Did you know that essential fatty acids have an important function in the body? They absorb vitamin E, among other things. Our body does not produce essential fatty acids itself, so it is important to get them from products. Fortunately, this is in a product like argan oil.

    Argan oil makes your skin glow.

    Argan oil makes your skin glow. Thanks to the essential fatty acids and vitamin E, the elasticity of the skin is improved. Argan oil increases hydration and reduces inflammation. The result: healthy, radiant and fresh skin. Perfect for dry skin and also ideal for taking care of your hands, lips and cuticles.

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    Years ago we discovered the special properties of argan oil. We would like to share this secret with you. Discover the benefits of our top quality argan oil.
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